·         The following items will be provided in the 9 sq. mtr. built-up stall:

i.      One table

ii.    Two chairs

iii.   Six spot lights (White CFL – 20 W each)

iv.   One waste paper basket

v.    Name fascia

vi.   One light socket

vii.  Carpet flooring 

The items will be increased proportionately for bigger stalls.  Extra power other than six spot lights and light socket, if any, will also be charged extra.  Hire charges for extra lights/fixtures/furniture will be payable by the exhibitor to the official stall contractor.

  • Only One plug point socket would be provided in the bare space stall.
  • Only pre-fabricated materials would be allowed in bare space stalls and no construction would be allowed in the exhibition halls. Only fixing and fitting of pre-fabricated material would be allowed.


Allotment of stalls

·         Allotment of stalls will only by Draw-of-Lots and will be informed to the participants through Associations.

·         IGFA reserves the right to reject any Application for space without assigning any reason.

·         IGFA also reserves the right to allocate space less than applied for, due to space restraints.

·         The applicant is bound by the decision of IGFA in stall allocation and no representation/revision shall be allowed in this regard.

·         The booth once allotted shall not be shifted/changed.

·         The dimension of the booth shall be accepted by applicants, as finalized by IGFA and no representation shall be entertained in this regard.

·         The applicant shall unconditionally accept allotment of booth and no reduction/cancellation shall be given to those booths which have pillar. Any allotment near pillar shall be accepted by applicant, as decided in Draw-of-lots.



Payment Policy


Last Date



(i) 25% advance application charges along with  the application*



(ii) 75% balance charges **




* In case the cheque is dishonoured for any reasons, the 

A(i) and A(ii) shall be accepted in the form of DD/Pay Order only




** In case 75% balance is not received for any reason, upto last date, A(i)(10% advance application fee shall stand forfeited).




Participants, whose 100% participation fee is received by the last date, would only be considered for allotment of stalls in the Draw-of-lot function





 All applications would be accepted on First-come-First serve basis. However, the last date for receipt of Application is 15th May, 2018Booking will be closed once the available stall area is booked.



·         The Draw-of-lot for allotment of Stalls will be held on 14th June, 2018.


·         Participants will have to abide by the decision of IGFA and the Rules & Regulations as laid down in the Exhibitor’s Manual.

·         The participants will abide by the Do’s and Don’ts laid down by IGFA from time to time.


The minimum stall size shall be 9 sq. mtr.   The bookings of stalls are acceptable in following dimensions only:

     9       12      18      24      30     36     42      48      54      60     onwards with multiple of 6 sq. mtrs.

Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy


In case the withdrawal/cancellation is submitted in writing to IGFA, following deductions would be  applicable:-



(i) 10% of the total participation fee shall be forfeited in case withdrawal is received before the last date



(ii) 100% of the participation fee shall be forfeited  in case the written request of cancellation/withdrawal is received by IGFA or no request is made by the participant

After 22.05.2018


Chairman, IGFA  shall have the right to exercise his discretion, if he deems it fit, for refund of participation charges, either in part or in full withdrawal