• Allotment of stalls will only be by Draw-of-Lots and will be informed to the participants through the Associations.
  • AEPC reserves the right to reject any Application for space without assigning any reason.
  • AEPC also reserves the right to allocate space less than applied for, due to space restraints.
  • The applicant is bound by the decision of AEPC in stall allocation and no representation/revision shall be allowed in this regard.
  • The booth once allotted shall not be shifted.
  • The dimension of the booth shall be accepted by applicants, as finalized by AEPC and no representation shall be entertained in this regard.
  • The applicant shall unconditionally accept allotment of booth and no reduction/cancellation shall be given to those booths which have pillar. Any allotment near pillar shall be accepted by applicant, as decided in Draw-of-lots.



S.No Policy Last Date
A (i) 25% advance application charges along with the application*
  (ii) 75% balance charges **
  * In case the cheque is dishonoured for any reasons, the A(i) and A(ii) shall be accepted in the form of DD/Pay Order only
  ** In case 75% balance is not received for any reason, upto last date, A(i)(10% advance application fee shall stand forfeited).
B Participants, whose 100% participation fee is received by the last date, would only be considered for allotment of stalls in the Draw-of-lot function



All applications would be accepted on First-come-First serve basis. However, the last date will be shared soon. Booking will be closed once the available stall area is booked.



  • The date of Draw-of-lot for allotment of Stalls will be shared soon.



  • Participants will have to abide by the decision of AEPC and the Rules & Regulations as laid down in the Exhibitor’s Manual.
  • The participants will abide by the Do’s and Don’ts laid down by AEPC from time to time.



The minimum stall size shall be 9 sq. mtr. The bookings of stalls are acceptable in following dimensions only:

9 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 onwards with multiple of 6 sq. mtrs



S.No Policy Last Date
A In case the withdrawal/cancellation is submitted in writing to AEPC, following deductions would be applicable:-  
  (i) 10% of the total participation fee shall be forfeited in case withdrawal is received before the last date of submission of full participation charge
  (ii) 100% of the participation fee shall be forfeited in case the written request of cancellation/withdrawal is received by AEPC or no request is made by the participant
B Chairman, AEPC/IGFA shall have the right to exercise his discretion, if he deems it fit, for refund of participation charges, either in part or in full withdrawal  




  1. The possession of bare and build up stall would be handed over to the participants (Date and time will be shared soon). All the participants have to ensure to complete their stall decoration latest by given details.
  2. Only commercial vehicles such as tempos, taxi, trucks carrying exhibits will be allowed to enter Venue
  3. Exhibitors will get complimentary shuttle service from Gate No. 1 to halls on given dates for bringing their goods.
  4. Exhibitors and visitors will get complimentary shuttle service from Gate No. 1 & 7 to the registration area at the fair venue during the fair days.
  5. Organizer has exclusive rights to take photographs and films of the exhibition stands.
  6. Video/animation films on the exhibits, may however can be displayed within the stand, provided the sound level is kept low to avoid disturbance to others.
  7. Information headphones are allowed in the stand, provided these are setup inside the stand at least 0.3m away from the aisles.
  8. Participants can bring their own mannequine, hangers, hanger rails or display stands or any other items to be used for display of their collections for use in their stalls.
  9. Complimentary Wi-Fi facility would be provided by the organizer during the fair days.
  10. All participants profile would be printed in the Fair Directory on complimentary basis.
  11. Each participant would get one copy of Fair Guide on the second day of the fair on complimentary basis.
  12. Each participant would get carton of mineral water (as detailed below) on the first day of the fair, to be used by the participants for entire fair.
  13. S.No Stall size (in sq.mtrs) Total no. of Bottles of 200 ml each.
    1 9,12 and 18 50 bottles
    2 24, 30 and 36 100 bottles
    3 42 and 48 150 bottles
  14. Entry to the venue would be allowed through photo entry badges only. Participants should send the photograph of their representatives within the specified date for issuance of photo entry passes for hassel free entry to the fair venue. If the participants have not received the photo entry passes through Associations before given date, they should get in touch with the respective Association at the earliest.
  15. Participants should wear the photo entry badges all the time during the course of the fair at the fair venue.
  16. Due to limited parking space available at ITPO, only one parking pass per participant is allowed subject to ITPO Policy. No extra parking passes would be allowed at any point of time.
  17. Participants should fill the ‘Response Form’ and submit the same at the Hall Director in each hall on the last day of the fair i.e. given date and take the Exit Passes for taking out goods from Venue. Participants are requested specifically to fill the point i.e. ‘Details of enquirers received’ and other business details, as this will help the organizer in making better arrangements for future organization of the fair.’
  18. The possession of stalls to the participants of having built up stall size of 9 sqm., 12 sqm, 18 sqm. and 24 sq.mtrs. will be given on given date
  19. Participants opted for 24 sq.mtrs. can decorate their stalls within the ocotonorm structure provided by the organizer without changing the name fascia. The octonorm structure provided by the organizer for 24 sq. mtrs. stalls would not be removed at any point of time.
  20. Best Display Awards – Three Categories according to size of the stalls a) 9, 12 & 18 sqm. b). 24, 30 & 36 sqm. and c) 42 & 48 sqm. with three trophies (Gold, Silver & Bronze) in each category = Total 9 trophies.


  1. No outside stall decorator/Interior Designer/stall contractor other than the official and empanelled stall contractor(s) is allowed to decorate/design stalls inside the halls during the fair.
  2. Customize stalls would be allowed to the exhibitors having stall size of 30 sqm., 36 sqm. 42 sqm. and 48 sqm. only. For 24 stall, please follow the directions mentioned at Sl. No. 18 above in “Do’s “.
  3. Participants making their own customized stall should have to finish and decorate their stall by given date, penalty would be imposed as deem fit by the organizer.
  4. The exhibitors, who are making customized stall, should keep their material inside their stall and should not use the aisles. The height of the customized stall should not more than 8 fts. in any case.
  5. The change in name fascia of the stalls from 9 to 24 sq.mts. would not be allowed.
  6. Any kind of woodwork, brickwork, melamine polishing or carpentry work is not allowed within the octonorm stalls provided by the organizer for the built-up stalls of all sizes.
  7. Painting, nailing, drilling, gluing on wall papering on the octonorm stall panels is not permitted. Exhibitors must use bi-adhesive tape for fixing purposes.
  8. Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of making goods, restoring or renewing any damages to the stand structure, floor covering, light fitting or part thereof.
  9. Participants who require extra display aids may get in touch with the empanelled vendors directly well in advance to source their requirements and should not approach others.
  10. No suspended displays/structures are permitted from the ceiling of the exhibition halls.
  11. Only white CFL/LED lights will be used in stalls as spotlights. Use of Halogen and Comptalux lamps as spot lights has been totally banned at venue
  12. No vehicles shall be allowed to be parked near the exhibition halls during the course of the fair i.e. from given date. These vehicles may be towed away by ITPO.
  13. Children below 18 years of age are not permitted in the Exhibition under any circumstances; even if are accompanied with parents/Guardian
  14. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire Exhibition area and cafeteria.
  15. Consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited in the entire exhibition area.
  16. Exhibitors will not be permitted to display any equipment which causes high levels of pollution in terms of noise and smell.
  17. Exhibitors cannot transfer, dispose off, part-with or otherwise sublet the whole or any part of their display space/stand, whether for financial consideration or otherwise.
  18. All sales promotion activities including distribution of literature, brochures, samples, handouts, etc. must be confined to the designated stand of the Exhibitor.
  19. Exhibitors will have to take prior permission of the Organizer for taking photographs and films of the exhibition. Exhibitor may however take photographs of their own stands and visitors. Exhibitors are not allowed to take photographs of any other stall.
  20. Display of Names/logos of any indirect Exhibitor on the fascia of the stands is strictly prohibited.
  21. Use of cloth banners is prohibited in any form within the exhibition stand & anywhere within the , New Delhi.
  22. Use of loud speakers, musical instruments etc. in the stand is prohibited.
  23. Display of mannequins outside the stall area is not allowed. Organizer has the right to remove the mannequine placed outside the stall area.
  24. Modeling outside of your exhibit space is strictly prohibited.
  25. Participants should not access of all social sites like Facebook, YouTube,, etc., as it results in slow down of the speed of Wi-Fi provided by the organizer.
  26. Exhibitors who will not follow the Do’s & Don’ts will be given a written warning during the fair. If the exhibitor does not comply with the Do’s & Don’ts even after warning, appropriate remedial action will be enforced including barring for participation in the next fairs.

For Information

  1. The Wi-Fi connection would be disconnected automatically after every half-an-hour and the user has to logged-in again to use the Wi-Fi. However, if participant continues the use, no fresh login will be required.
  2. Visitors/Exhibitors are liable for Frisking/check at the entry gate or any other place as a security measure.
  3. If any participant does not follow the Don’ts, the Hall Director of AEPC would hand over a copy of the Advisory highlighting the point of Don’ts not followed by the participants and a copy of the same would be handed over to the available representative of the concerned Association