·         Participants will have to abide by the decision of IGFA and the Rules & Regulations as laid down in the Exhibitor’s Manual.

·         The participants will abide by the Do’s and Don’ts laid down by IGFA from time to time.


The minimum stall size shall be 9 sq. mtr.   The bookings of stalls are acceptable in following dimensions only:

     9       12      18      24      30     36     42      48      54      60     onwards with multiple of 6 sq. mtrs.

Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy


In case the withdrawal/cancellation is submitted in writing to IGFA, following deductions would be  applicable:-



(i) 10% of the total participation fee shall be forfeited in case withdrawal is received before the last date of submission of full participation charge

May 2020


(ii) 100% of the participation fee shall be forfeited  in case the written request of cancellation/withdrawal is received by IGFA or no request is made by the participant

After May 2020


Chairman, IGFA  shall have the right to exercise his discretion, if he deems it fit, for refund of participation charges, either in part or in full withdrawal